Since his first time marriage last year at age 56, Miyamoto sensei’s life values has drastically changed and he has totally transformed himself (including his weight loss of 15 kilograms, approx. 33 lbs!) after being granted a E-11 green card (same category as John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Nobel Prize winners; those whom possess extraordinary abilities in the arts, athletics, education or the sciences.) in 2015 when he dropped all his success stories in Japan and suddenly decided to live in the center of the world, Manhattan, NYC.  His dream and mission is to make the world smarter with his invention, the KENKEN puzzles, that it becomes the world standard in primary school mathematics education, because through his 30+ years of teaching experience, he has proven that KENKEN is the one and only fun and addictive puzzle that keeps training your brain to keep on thinking, obtaining perseverance, and the one and only puzzle that leads you to finding your answers without having to ask others; this applies to life and is the key to discovering your own true happiness❣