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Books published World Wide by Tetsuya Miyamoto

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Over 180 books has been written in 12 different languages and over three millions copies have sold world wide.

Amazon_Ken Ken 1 (France)
Amazon_KenKen-Band 2 (Germany)
Amazon_The Times: KenKen Book 1 (the U.K.)
Amazon_KenKen. A Evolução Do Sudoku (Brazil)
Amazon_计算数独升级版:KenKen肯肯谜题 (China)
SE-ED_KEN-KEN เลขอัจฉริยะ ขั้นพื้นฐาน 1(Thailand)

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“…I wrote this book because I want to help young people who are anxious about the same things I was as a teenager to feel better about themselves and to think twice before committing suicide. There’s nothing wrong with anxiety; positive anxiety helps you grow. But negative anxiety can make your heart grow dark, and drag down your self-esteem, and ultimately make you want to disappear. These days I’m full of positive anxiety, and the thing I’m most anxious about is how to keep growing.”


2014.03.21 Enterprise “Puzzle icon spurs math fervor at school”


Interview with Miyamoto sensei on April 20th, 2017 by UK best selling writer Alex Bellos becomes a chapter in this fantastic book, PUZZLE NINJA released in the UK on October 5th, 2017❣️Check chapter “the SUPER SENSEI”.

Tips from Miyamoto sensei on how to embrace life’s challenges and endeavors. (click on photo for full interview!)

“…math certainly is not just about solving problems. It’s the process of thinking and the learning that occurs during solving problems that make up a unique and rewarding experience. And this is very important because it also applies to life. Life is like climbing a mountain. Your goal is to reach the top of a mountain, and at times, it can get hard but you must keep going and challenging yourself. It can be a painful process, but trust me, this is the part where you’ll experience the most joy, when you get to the top.”