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Speech at the KENKEN Championship 2016!

Miyamoto (Tetsuya Miyamoto) sensei speaks to contestants at the KENKEN CHAMPIONSHIP 2016. December 18, 2016 midtown Manhattan.

Place: Gateway Art Center (4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY 10036)

Talks at Google Tokyo (Roppingi) -“KenKen puzzles: Piecing things together なぜ, 学ぶのか? 幸福な生き方とは?” 2016

Talks at Google – KenKen©: Happiness Through Math

Tetsuya Miyamoto is a mathematics teacher and inventor of KenKen©, the world’s fastest growing logic and math puzzle. He shares his story behind the puzzle’s origins, outline his teaching philosophies, and teach viewers how to create their own puzzles! Miyamoto was working as a primary school math teacher when he devised the first-ever KenKen© in 2004. He sought to create a teaching tool that allowed his students to learn through independent thinking as opposed to rote instruction. KenKen© was to encourage his students to embrace creativity, deductive reasoning, ingenuity, and perseverance; it quickly erupted into the international puzzle craze we know today as it’s published in over 150 newspapers around the world.

Kids of the American School of Paris experienced my lesson as a part of their school trip to Tokyo講演1


Kids of the American School of Paris experienced my lesson as a part of the school trip


YouTube: American School of Paris 2013

To make children’s futures brighter with the puzzle in Thailand

I visited Chiang Rai, Thailand not only to introduce the puzzles to children but also help them make their own problems. I want to publish a book that is made of the puzzles by the kids and donate all the money from selling the book.  The children worked very hard with patience, trying to make their puzzles.
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KENKEN tournament for teens in Princeton

I had a KENKEN puzzle contest and to my surprise,  many people across generations joined. The contest was composed of  two sessions; “solving contest” and “quiz-making contest”.

KenKenEnglishClass3 KenKenEnglishClass4

KenKenEnglishClass5 KenKenEnglishClass6



YouTube: KENKEN tournament for teens in Princeton in 2015

KENKEN tournament at school in Queens

I had a lecture meeting of KENKEN puzzle for students at PS076 in Queens, NYC.
PS76_3 PS76_2

Frankfurt Book Fair in 2008

We promoted Miyamoto Mathematics Puzzle Books at Gakken Booth of Frankfurt Book Fair in 2008.
YouTube: Frankfurt Book Fair 2008

Hosting a puzzle event on Pi-day (March 14th, 2014) at MoMath (National Museum of Mathematics)

I held a puzzle contest for math teachers and 30 students at the MOMATH in Manhattan, NY.



YouTube: Hosting a puzzle event on the Pi-day (March 14th, 2014) at the Math Museum