Comments from junior high school students❣️



Comments we received from kids at Ibaragi Junior High School Miyamoto sensei’s school lecture in November  2017.

“Miyamoto sensei’s lecture today made me realize that studying is necessary to become happy.   I want to discover my own true happiness so I’ll keep trying hard in my studies.”

“I was able to see inside Miyamoto sensei’s heart.  His story made me think really hard about how I want to live my life

“I was so very moved by Miyamoto sensei’s words.  I never really liked mathematics.  But sensei said <There is no happiness and self-growth in an environment without tension (extreme FOCUS) and deep emotional movements.>   I agreed so much with what he said.  A simple calculation is no fun and doesn’t raise my self-esteem.  But puzzles make me think with my own head and want to do more and more leading me to feeling great about myself when I discover by myself I’ve done it all.  So from now on, instead of being just a calculation machine, I want to be creative in how I solve and enjoy he trial and error process”

<RENEW YOUR BEST RECORD EVERYDAY!>  by Miyamoto sensei woke me. Until now, I thought to get into a good university, getting a good job and a good salary was happiness.  But listening to Miyamoto sensei’s story, I changed my mind and realized it is much more interesting to live my life as myself.  So from now on in my junior high school years, I’m going to be CREATIVE when I study and find out what makes me most indulged in order to live my own true happy life.”

“I’ve always been afraid of failure and often was unable to speak up or feel good about myself.  But Miyamoto sensei’s story blew my mind and I now want to start challenging new things.  I’ve never even thought about “ENJOYING TRIAL AND ERROR” but from now on, I want to live my life with that concept.

“Miyamoto sensei is totally AWESOME !  He really understands our teenage minds and seeing him challenging so many things in life was really COOL.  It’s not easy to keep on challenging, but listening to his story today, I’m going to start challenging even if it’s starting from just one thing.”

“Miyamoto sensei’s story truly MOVED MY HEART. It was definitely the BEST lecture I’ve ever experienced and really sparked my soul.  I want to say THANK YOU! to him directly if I could.  Please come to our school again.”

“Miyamoto sensei understands our feelings really well.  Yeah, we feel unhappy when someone else says what’s wrong about what we think or do.  That’s why I found his puzzles interesting because you don’t need to ask anybody for the right answer, you can find out your self if you’ve got it right or wrong!  I really agreed it was important to <KEEP ON THINKING> and felt good when he said <LIVE YOUR OWN HAPPY LIFE>.”

<REAL WINNERS OF LIFE HAVE LOST SO MANY HUNDRED TIMES MORE THAN LOSERS> Wow!!!  I’ve always questioned being taught by someone else, but Miyamoto sensei’s lecture emphasizing <THINK WITH YOUR OWN BRAIN AND ENJOY WHAT YOU ACHIEVE> really moved me.  He guaranteed that’s how I’ll find my <OWN TRUE HAPPINESS>.  So from now on, I’m going to put my core on <FREEDOM THINKING WITHIN THE RULES> and enjoy my challenges.”