平成30年は宮本算数教室開校25周年。そして教室史上最も画期的な1年となります。先日の講演会、またインスタグラムで先行情報解禁しておりました、小2・小3のパズルの授業 をついにYouTube ライブストリーミング生中継スタート❣️


2006年放送「情熱大陸」で見たあの衝撃を再び。無試験先着順のひとクラス20名限定のごく限られた子供たちのみならず、目指すは世界中が「勉強って、算数 って楽しいんだ❣️」


Happy New Year 2018! This year will be a historical new era for the Miyamoto Mathematics Class. Miyamoto sensei will disclose to the world, his legendary puzzle lesson through Youtube live streaming! Until now, only the very lucky, financially and geographically capable kids were only accessible to the Miyamoto Mathematics first-come-first-served-limited-20-students a class. The next new school year starts April 2018 in Japan, but we already have a total 100+ kids signed up for both the new 2nd & 3rd graders. There are no limitations, no boundaries to education. Education should be fun! Miyamoto Mathematics is all about ONLY SUPER FUN and DIFFICULT but EXCITING problems. Next streaming is 10:30AM to noon Tokyo time. Copy and paste Miyamoto Mathematics Class in Japanese, 宮本算数教室 in the search word column. New text used in the classes every week are available. Please email Miyamoto sensei at myamya@pb3.so-net.ne.jp for more information.

Please welcome and celebrate the new era of Miyamoto Mathematics Entertainment!!!


6th grade 4 hour class has begin on this New Year’s Day from 9:00AM. For them, it’ll be the last intensive winter lesson before the February junior high entrance exams.

Ask yourself, “Are you truly at your very best ? “ Keep trying, keep moving!


New Years Day is Miyamoto sensei’s mother’s birthday! ✨She’s 91 today✨Congratulations, and thank you for bringing him into this world ✨

What a joy to be husband and wife. I finally found what I’ve been looking for” – Tetsuya Miyamoto.