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Big bookstore right in front of Tokyo station, Maruzen 3rd floor, “Gakusan” corner, you will find a large space for kids’ educational books and puzzles including 賢くなるパズル= kenkenpuzzle (published in Japan are the original handmade by Miyamoto brain) and Kyoiku-puzzle #強育パズル by #宮本哲也 #tetsuyamiyamoto .


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Lots of similar entitled books, but watch out, the one and only are by Tetsuya Miyamoto, the original.

Thanks to Discover @discover_21Mr. Mitani and his sales team and super advisor, Ms. Shimada

KENKEN® puzzle

Tetsuya Miyamoto, founder of Japan’s most successful math program for elementary school children, as well as the inventor of KenKen® (“wisdom squared”) puzzle featured daily in over 200 newspapers worldwide including the New York Times, LA Times, and The Times (UK).


早稲田大学 ホームカミング。





October 15th, 2017 marked Waseda University’s 52nd Homecoming Day.  When Miyamoto sensei started studying in 1979, acclaimed author Haruki Murakami became an author with his first novel, “Hear the Wind Sing (1979)” .  They both graduated the same department of Waseda University; School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Theatre and Film Arts course (Murakami is 10 year senior graduate).  Miyamoto sensei is a huge Haruki Murakami fan and has every book ever published.  Since his first time marriage last year at age 56, Miyamoto sensei’s life values has drastically changed and he has totally transformed himself (including his weight loss of 15 kilograms!) after being granted a E-11 green card (same category as John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Nobel Prize winners; those whom possess extraordinary abilities in the arts, athletics, education or the sciences.) in 2015 when he dropped all his success stories in Japan and suddenly decided to live in the center of the world, Manhattan, NYC.  His dream and mission is to make the world smarter with his invention, the KENKEN puzzles, that it becomes the world standard in primary school mathematics education, because through his 30+ years of teaching experience, he has proven that KENKEN is the one and only fun and addictive puzzle that keeps training your brain to keep on thinking, obtaining perseverance, and the one and only puzzle that leads you to finding your answers without having to ask others; this applies to life and is the key to discovering your own true happiness❣️


賢くなるたんていパズル 国語と算数をのばす推理 むずかしい (宮本算数教室の教材)
宮本哲也 国語と算数の力をどちらも伸ばす「宮本算数教室」の教材。推理パズルの問題を謎解き感覚で解けば,思考力・集中力・発想力・ねばり強さが身につく。「むずかしい」を攻略して,パズル名人を目指そう!小学校全学年対応で、低学年から取り組める。


Guardianなどのコラムでも知られる、英国人ベストセラー作家Alex Bellos氏の新刊が2017年10月5日イギリスで発売❣️SUPER SENSEIのチャプターでは今年4月20日に東京・中野の宮本算数教室にて先生をインタビューした内容が掲載。昨年56歳で初めて結婚し、やっと人間的になれた⁉️宮本先生の生活ぶりにも触れられていて、面白い。

Puzzle Ninja: Pit Your Wits Against The Japanese Puzzle Masters
by Alex Bellos
Link: http://amzn.eu/cFQ1CWC