International Class Information

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Dear friends. Miyamoto Mathematics in midtown Manhattan has closed and will move back to Tokyo, Japan by end of March 2017 to pursue a further endeavor in life.  For those who were looking forward to the international puzzle class, we are sorry to let you down, but we hope to come back to share with you an even more powerful and rejuvenating Miyamoto Mathematics Method experience in the near future. In the meantime, please keep up your challenges and check out how Miyamoto sensei’s doing in his wife’s instagram link (he recently did a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony in Osaka, Japan!)


Tetsuya Miyamoto, founder of Japan’s most successful math program for elementary school children, as well as the inventor of KenKen® puzzle featured daily in over 200 newspapers worldwide including the New York Times, LA Times, and The Times (UK).


The Japanese students I have taught are regularly accepted into the finest junior high schools and they dominate Japan’s Math Olympiad. I only use innovative, hand-crafted puzzles that teach in a very special way, and which are fun, challenging and proven in Japan.  My puzzles dramatically increase my students’ ability to concentrate and think in ways they never have before.  I guarantee that by studying the Miyamoto Math Method, your children will get a head start on their math education and outperform their peers. If you keep training your brain to keep on thinking with my puzzles and mathematics problems, and you will obtain strong perseverance, concentration skills, which will eventually lead you to discovering your own true happiness.

Address: 66 W 39th St. 2nd floor, New York, NY 10018

Thank you!
Tetsuya Miyamoto